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The management team at Springhill Care Home in Accrington has thanked the community for its ‘tremendous support’ following a fire.

A small fire took place on Sunday which meant that part of the care home facility was left without power. Emergency services, social services, health professionals and members of the community all helped to make sure that the 109 residents at the home were safe and comfortable throughout.

This meant most were moved to the neighbouring Springhill Specialist Care Centre, an adjoining building. A small number of residents were either moved to Birch Green Care Home – also operated by Springhill Care Group – or stayed with family members. Two residents were taken in by other local care homes.

Following repair work Springhill Care Home is now up-and-running, with all residents settled back into the care home from the care centre.

Ken Nolan, chairman and founder of Springhill Care Group, said: “As you can imagine this scenario had the potential to be quite disruptive to our residents. In the end we did not need to evacuate the care centre, we were in most cases able to simply move people internally across to Springhill’s other wing – the specialist care centre – with a small number moved off-site at the recommendation of the emergency services on the night.

“Working in partnership all the emergency services including the fire service, local police and the North West Ambulance Service, healthcare professionals, local authority and the local clinical commissioning group we were quickly able to adapt and keep the disruption to a minimum.

Ken added: “There are no words that can do justice to the incredible responses from our staff – over 40 of whom turned up of their own accord to help provide additional assistance on the night of the incident, the majority of whom stayed with us all throughout the night. Likewise in regards to members of the local community whom were eager to offer support. The local Kingdom Hall, for instance, made their facilities available and kept on standby throughout the night in case we needed them. Others assisted us in the days following the incident, including for example, Weatherspoons Commercial Hotel staff who kindly supported us with a dishwashing facility until our electricity supplies were reinstalled on Monday.

“We’ve also had wonderful feedback from family members of our residents, and thanking us for the way the incident has been managed and the care our staff took, with so many of them coming in on their days off to help out.”


Springhill Care Home Update Tuesday 26th February 2019

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We are pleased to advise that thanks to the exceptional support from our staff team, colleagues, and partners working around the clock since the small fire that occurred within one of our external plant rooms on Sunday evening, power has now been restored to the home and systems checked and certified as operational. 

The relevant authorities have confirmed that we can now proceed with the next stage of our managed plan to return to normal operations again throughout in all areas of the care home.

The majority of our residents were able to move from the care home side of the building into our specialist care centre – part of the same building but unaffected by the power cut.

We have commenced the next stage of our managed plan of assisting residents from the care centre back into their own rooms within the care home side of the building.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our residents and families for their understanding, cooperation and support, during this challenging period. And once again, to thank each and every one of our staff and colleagues in the emergency, social and health services, who have worked around the clock with us in an effective and successful partnership to achieve such positive and timely progress.

We are currently in the process of liaising with relatives and residents accordingly. Whilst systems are back up and running, we are advised our main telephone line renewal will take a little longer, so we are maintaining the following number as previously advised each day, for relatives and professionals who wish to contact the home: 07787 700267.

As you will imagine we are still very busy focussing on our residents and families individual needs and requirements, including by telephone, so may we politely request consideration of use of our email service where appropriate, which is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Donna Briggs
Managing Director


Springhill Care Home Update Monday 25th February 2019

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Following the contained fire within one of the external plant rooms, substantial positive progress has been made in the hours since.

We are pleased to advise that following an excellent professional response from its partners, and support from the local authorities and services, the strategic meeting with all authorities today have now advised that the major incident stage has concluded and we are now in our managed return to normality phase.

This follows the results today confirming that following extensive testing, the Springhill Care Centre has been deemed safe and secure in terms of its systems, services and care.

The care home section which was affected by loss of electricity supply is currently having a new supply installed, work is expected to continue during the night with an expected timescale of that section being ready for use sometime tomorrow, Tuesday 25th February.

A further update will be provided accordingly.

We will have been in contact directly with those relatives of residents who are assisting in providing accommodation and support for the small number of residents that required temporary relocation.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our staff, relatives, and friends, along with our emergency, social and health services who have worked around the clock with us in partnership to achieve this positive progress.

If you need to contact Springhill Care Home please use the following telephone number: 07787 700267.

Could we ask that you assist us during this busy period where we are focused on our residents wellbeing, by noting this number is primarily for relatives of residents.

Donna Briggs
Managing Director



Statement from Springhill Care Home 24th February 2019

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Thanks to the responsive actions of staff at the home and the prompt attendance of the emergency services a fire that broke out early Sunday evening within a separate electrical supply building was quickly and safely extinguished.

We would like to reassure people that everyone is safe and there are no injuries or ill effects from the fire that occurred that was swiftly and successfully dealt with.

However, the electricity supply to the building was damaged to a level that the electricity suppliers, Electricity North West advise they cannot provide a reconnection until significant repair works are carried out, and estimates that work may take a number of days. 

As such the emergency contingency planning process has been initiated involving all the relevant agencies.

Additional staff and support teams are on site, ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of all residents who were all moved to a safe part of the care home. 

Following assessment of the damage and the likely timescale before electricity supply can be reinstated by Electricity North West, residents are being safely temporarily relocated.

Donna Briggs, Managing Director of the Springhill Care Group, said all residents were presently being safely and securely moved to other facilities, including some at our sister home, Birch Green care home, or with family and friends and other facilities assisted by the NHS and local authority.

She said: “thanks to the professional prompt actions of our staff team and the emergency services, the fire was quickly contained and extinguished and everyone is safe, but unfortunately due to the resultant loss of electricity supply from the building into the care home, it has been deemed necessary to temporarily relocate residents. 

“Our top priority remains the safety, health and wellbeing of our residents, and our staff. We have accessed huge support from the authorities to whom we are also grateful for their assistance, which is continuing at this time.  

This carefully managed situation is ongoing and will be kept under close review and assessment, and everyone will be moved back as soon as possible once the electricity supply is restored and it is safe to do so.

All staff are asked to attend Springhill Care Home for duties for their shifts as rostered.  

We would like to thank all our staff, residents, families, and the local community who have and continue to give outstanding support to us during this challenging situation.

We feel sure everyone will understand this is an extremely busy time for everyone on site, but for relatives who have any concerns, please contact the following telephone number: 07787 700267 please could you assist during this busy period where we are focused on our residents wellbeing, by noting this number is for relatives of residents only. 


Donna Briggs

Managing Director


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Our new Springhill gardening club

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Our ladies and gentlemen really enjoyed getting their hands mucky recently while planting parsley, coriander, chives and basil.

The plan is to tend to them and watch the herbs grow before moving them to boxes outside where we will continue to grow them and then use in our home cooked meals.



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